Speech Assessment Apps for Children

Bringing the wisdom of a Speech and Language Therapist

to your finger tips


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This easy speech sound assessment can be used as a first step for identifying whether a child's speech sounds are where they should be for their age.

The child will not even realise they are being assessed as you swipe through the vibrant and engaging pictures. At the end, you'll get an instant analysis of the data with a summary and recommendations for next steps.

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There are three versions of the app:


Speech and Language Therapist?

Can your current phonological assessment provide you with an instant evaluation AND generate a report all at the swipe of a screen? Read more...

Early Years Practitioner?

Are you concerned about a child's speech in your early years setting? Are you wondering if they have all the sounds they should for their age? Not sure how to broach it with parents? Or maybe a parent has told you they are worried about their child's speech...how do you reassure them? Read more...

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You know they're not quite there with their sounds. You might even know what they are doing. If only you could ask a speech and language therapist to interpret that information and suggest where to go from here. Now you can! Read more...