Early Years Practitioner or Parent?

Whether you work with children, or you have children of your own, I can support you through every aspect of their speech, language and communication (SLC) development. I am a speech and language therapist with over 20 years experience and have worked in both the NHS and the private sector in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. I specialise in the early years, both within speech disorders/delays and language delays/disorders. I am passionate about early intervention and prevention.


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Want something more specialised?


1) My Speech Sound Assessment Apps have been designed especially to help those working with children - or with children of their own - to make decisions as to when is the best time to refer. It's like having a speech and language therapist in your room with you!

2)Training for Early Years Settings - watch this space for online training coming to you in 2018.

3) Speaking at expos and conferences - I am an experienced speaker - why not invite me to speak at your next event about the importance of language development for learning and life. I am proud to be a Brand Ambassador for

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Having had the experience of working in a number of departments, I have experienced the same issues everywhere I have worked.

The issues?

Take a typical NHS speech and language therapy department in the UK and think of all the issues that might arise with the growing number of referrals and the increasing budget cuts and post freezes.

Add the transition to paperless working to the fact that most speech and language therapists are self-confessed technophobes.

Plus the lack of admin support.

Then take an experienced speech and language therapist who saw a way of making her life easier.

And the rest is history.

I believe that you can spend time moaning about something or you can do something about it. For a little while I moaned about spending all my time at work and never seeing my kids or having time to travel, then I did something about it. My husband and I sold our house and bought a boat, sailing around the world with our two small children for 3 years. Once back in the UK and working for the NHS again, I realised that the problems I experienced at work hadn't changed and that huge growth in technology that occurred whilst I was away is only just starting to creep into speech and language therapy. And so Wise Old Owl SLT was born.