Really excited to tell you about my #howtosay 6 week challenge to help your child to speak more clearly!

If you are worried about your child's intelligibility, then this programme may be for you. It's probably best if your child is 4 years old already, but if they are a little younger and can sit for 10 minutes or so, they may also benefit - you know your child best!

If your child isn't talking yet or if they have difficulty with their understanding or attention skills this programme won't be for you. And don't forget, this doesn't replace the individual assessment and therapy that your child can receive from a speech and language therapist. But it can certainly help them on their way! Here's abit more information for you on this video!

It's completely free, so don't forget to tell your family and friends, so that they can benefit too.

Catherine (The Wise Old Owl!)

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