Well I don't know about you, but this week I noticed that a lot of staff  (myself included) are really feeling that it's nearly the end of term and people are quite tired!

And what I've had to remind myself this week is that, actually, it's not the kids' fault that way as adults are tired  - they are pretty tired too!

I have noticed in schools that I've been visiting that teachers have been a bit more shouty than usual - perhaps I've not been as patient as usual.

And again I have to remind myself it's not the kids' fault! 

As well as being a speech and language therapist, I'm also a hypnotherapist.  I trained 14 years ago after using hypnotherapy for the birth of my children. This skill of recognising and releasing stress I now carry with me all the time. It allows me to recognise when my fuel tank is low and to take a bit of time for myself. By time I'm not saying time away from work, I'm saying that just spending five minutes or so sitting down just being in the quiet mind can have such a positive effect.

This Thursday night, after a training session, I came home with a banging migraine which lasted a good 24 hours. So today the sun is finally shining after raining in Scotland for the last week, so I'm just took some time to go and sit down by the river and do a little bit of mindfulness.

So my gift for you this week is a relaxation recording that I made a few years ago. It's a 20 minute self-hypnosis relaxation which takes you to your favorite place of relaxation.  I don't tell you where that is; you decide that yourself! 

So if you would like to keep your fuel tank topped up over the next few weeks and keep those stress levels in check, here are my top tips for avoiding the illness that so many teachers get on the first day of their holidays:

  • Sign up here for your free Relaxation Recording worth £12.
  • Remember to keep hydrated - only when I looked back over my video did I notice in my lips that I need more water.
  • When you get home from work at night, check that your relaxation habits are healthy (wine o'clock, anyone? Alcohol appears to relax you but just exacerbates your stress levels the next day)
  • Take a big deep breath before responding to a child - shouting doesn't help anyone, least of all the children.
  • Feel free to whisper FFS under your breath at children and colleagues when your back is turned and then turn and give them your biggest smile!

Keep going - you can do it - and when all else fails, play sleeping bunnies with the children - just don't wake them up :-)