Introducing Chatterbox Champions!

I haven't written for a long long time but when I got my 1k like on Facebook today, I thought it was about time I dusted off the keyboard. Luckily for me, someone else has written my next blog...over to Elaine...

How to say /k/

There are a lot of children I'm working with at the moment who are calling me "Tafrin" must sort that out!

What is Glue Ear?

Glue ear. It's not a Prittstick in the lughole. If you have children with permanent train tracks of snot coming out of their nose, even in the summer, maybe they have Glue Ear.

Is your child's speech ready for school?

This last half term will speed by, but it's not too late to squeeze in a targeted 6-week programme to encourage the sounds they don't have yet.

Cued Articulation to help speech sound development

Cued articulation is a visual support for the complete sound system. It is a series of signs to give a child more information about how to say their target sound, rather than them just looking at your mouth or hearing the sound.

Speech: How to say "L"

It's quite common for children to have difficulty with "L" but it's quite an easy fix...

Speech Sound Development

What sounds should may child be able to say and when?

Articulation versus Phonological Difficulties

It's useful to know the difference between articulation and phonological difficulties so you know how to help.