I wrote a blog for Alistair Bryce-Clegg!

I was wondering if my blogs posts had been a bit scant recently; then I realised I have been writing, just not for myself!

My Experiences at Childcare Expo in London 2017

I've written another article for childcare expo.

Supporting Language To Make Friends

I've been writing for childcare expo again, this time on the subject of how to support language development to form friendships

Improving Children's Vocabulary with the help of Trump

What's language development got to do with the Presidential Inauguration, I hear you ask! I leave it To Trump to demonstrate his ever-expanding vocabulary skills in my guest blog for Childcare Expo

Language Disordered Children Doomed to be Criminals

A bit negative hey, but I've written a post for Childcare Expo all about the latest research

Tips to Support Children who Struggle To Understand Instructions in the Classroom

I wrote this blog for TES

How To Boost Your Baby's Talk

I was guest blogger for Shellie at the Mummy School. You can read my contribution on her website.....