I wrote a blog for Alistair Bryce-Clegg!

I was wondering if my blogs posts had been a bit scant recently; then I realised I have been writing, just not for myself!

Not school ready? Speech Therapists have been warning you for years.

I'm a speech and language therapist and what head teachers are saying about children not being ready for school is true. Speech, language and communication skills are on a downward spiral and this is why.

Let's focus on Vocabulary - During Outdoor play

If there’s one thing that gets my goat on a regular basis, it’s seeing all the kids playing outside and all the adults standing together in a huddle chatting. Because, guaranteed, the only interaction that will occur between adult and child will be to yell across the playground “Carl, stop that, Macy doesn’t like you hitting her”

Reduce Stress: My free gift to you!

As the end of term approaches, the stress levels tend to rise. My free relaxation recording and five top tips will help to reduce your stress levels and look after yourself so you don't experience "first day of the holidays-itis"

My Experiences at Childcare Expo in London 2017

I've written another article for childcare expo.

Language Disordered Children Doomed to be Criminals

A bit negative hey, but I've written a post for Childcare Expo all about the latest research

Wise Old Owl's Hopes for 2017

New Year is always a time for reflection and resolutions. Here's mine.

Ditching the dummy over Christmas: The Dummy Christmas Tree

When I'm asked how to encourage children to give up their dummies, I often advocate the giving it to Santa/Easter Bunny/Dummy Fairy *delete as appropriate. In fact, I've even been known to dress up as the dummy fairy a long time ago - I must have been the most-hated person in Jersey that night!

making language and communication everybody's business

Reflections from my attendance at an early intervention conference....

Who am I and how will this blog work?!

A little introduction to the person behind Wise Old Owl SLT