Some more social media posters to share

This time on really early language, including talking to your baby and your bump! COmmunication starts from before birth!

Some free parent information posters for sharing

If you have a social media page or like to put up posters on your parent information board, here are some from me totally free! This week is all about behaviour - parent and child!

What is Glue Ear?

Glue ear. It's not a Prittstick in the lughole. If you have children with permanent train tracks of snot coming out of their nose, even in the summer, maybe they have Glue Ear.

Let's focus on vocabulary - when reading a story

This is the third blog in my series of focusing on vocabulary. When you look at a book with a child, you don't need to actually read the story.

Not school ready? Speech Therapists have been warning you for years.

I'm a speech and language therapist and what head teachers are saying about children not being ready for school is true. Speech, language and communication skills are on a downward spiral and this is why.

Let's focus on Vocabulary - During Outdoor play

If there’s one thing that gets my goat on a regular basis, it’s seeing all the kids playing outside and all the adults standing together in a huddle chatting. Because, guaranteed, the only interaction that will occur between adult and child will be to yell across the playground “Carl, stop that, Macy doesn’t like you hitting her”

7 Effective Steps for transforming 2 year olds’ behaviour from “terrible” to “terrific”

Whether you’re a parent of a two-year-old or have a whole roomful of two-year-olds in your early years setting, you’ll know that their behaviour can be challenging! However, I get really upset when people call it the ‘Terrible Twos’ because they’re not really being terrible, they are just learning about boundaries....

How to help toddlers you suspect may have Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia

Following my blog post on spotting Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia early, here's a follow-up post on how to help children with Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia. I've done a literature search for exercises to help DVD so that you don't have to! So If you want to know how you can help a child with Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia, continue reading!

The one thing you should do to improve children's language skills

So, we all want to improve children's language skills. But before we look at them, we need to look at our own interaction skills to make sure we are maximising their communicative potential. Adult-child interaction is important to ensure that every interaction supports a child's language development.

Extending Words to Two Word Phrases

Children copy what they hear you say all the time. So, if you use long sentences, they will try to do the same, often resulting in a long string of gobbledygook (or jargon!)

Do you ask too many questions?!

Do see what I did there? We ask questions all the time without realising it, but it's not always the best strategy for encouraging conversation....

Supporting Language To Make Friends

I've been writing for childcare expo again, this time on the subject of how to support language development to form friendships

Improving Children's Vocabulary with the help of Trump

What's language development got to do with the Presidential Inauguration, I hear you ask! I leave it To Trump to demonstrate his ever-expanding vocabulary skills in my guest blog for Childcare Expo

Ditching the dummy over Christmas: The Dummy Christmas Tree

When I'm asked how to encourage children to give up their dummies, I often advocate the giving it to Santa/Easter Bunny/Dummy Fairy *delete as appropriate. In fact, I've even been known to dress up as the dummy fairy a long time ago - I must have been the most-hated person in Jersey that night!

Top Ten ideas for World Nursery Rhyme Week

OK, OK, I'm not going to win prizes any time soon, but I love rhymes and have even been know to have written a rhyming book about a haggis called Mac (make mental note, do something about it!!)

Language for Reading and Reading for Language

How to get your children 'into' reading

Make Someone Smile Day Language Ideas for Autumn

Some lovely ideas for encouraging conversation whilst out and about in Autumn

How To Boost Your Baby's Talk

I was guest blogger for Shellie at the Mummy School. You can read my contribution on her website.....