Do you struggle to sometimes understand your child? Are they waiting for speech and language therapy? Or perhaps their speech sound difficulties haven't been deemed "significant enough" to even qualify for speech and language therapy on the NHS.


Welcome to the #howtosay 6 Week Challenge!

If you've used my app to identify which sounds your child has difficulty with, you'll find this programme empowers you to help your child make changes in their speech.Sign up here to receive weekly emails.

Each week, you will receive a video demonstrating how to help your child work on their target sound and an email to support you through the process.

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How do I know it's right for my child?

If your child has difficulty understanding instructions or stringing words together in a sentence, or if they find it hard to pay attention, this programme is NOT for you. This challenge is based on the expectation that your child can sit for 10 minutes, follow instructions and probably be at least 4 years old (although some 3:6 year olds will cope well too.) Of course they also have to have a speech sound they need to work on!

Which sound should I work on?

You can buy my app which helps you to easily identify which sounds your child cannot yet say and whether that's typical for their age or whether they should be saying it by now.

Alternatively, you may have already had a speech and language therapy assessment or you might already know. Here’s another way to choose:

Pick a sound that is earlier on in development, e.g. before choosing ‘sh’ you’d choose ‘s’ use this table if you’re not sure:

It’s probably best to choose a sound that they can copy in isolation (this means by itself – I’d say, "can you say ‘ffff’" for example)

Pick a sound that would have the greatest impact, e.g. if their sister is called Lucy and they can’t say their ‘l’ sound, it might be motivating. Come to think of it, maybe it’s more motivating that they can say ‘lego’ but you catch my drift!

Only pick one sound – otherwise they’ll get confused.

If you’re not sure, you can email me and I’ll help you choose!

So, now what?

So, you’ve picked your sound. In the challenge, I’m going to give examples with ‘k’ as this is a common difficulty, but when you are working through the programme just use your target sound in place of ‘k’. Or if your target sound is ‘k’ – fantastic!

This six week challenge doesn’t promise to wave a magic wand and have your child speaking perfectly at the end of 6 weeks….though it’s possible.
What it does promise to do is provide you with practical ideas on how to help your child speak more clearly. Maybe your child is on the waiting list for speech and language therapy. Well, this will help them whilst you wait.

What do I need to do with my child?

I'll need you to fulfil your side of the bargain too! So, by signing up to my 6 week challenge, you’ll be committing to the following:

  • Setting aside 10 minutes at least 5 times a week. I’d like to say every day, but I know that’s not realistic and I want to cut you some slack!
  • Create (and maybe call) your ten minutes  “Special Time.” Turn off the TV and radio. Put your phone in a drawer, so you’re not tempted to reply to a text. If possible have 1:1 with the child you want to help. However, this may not be possible and some siblings can be a great help at encouraging their younger brother or sister to do the activities. You know your kids better than me! Use a timer to indicate the end of ten minutes. Better to have regular short bursts than one longer session that the child gets sick of. Quit whilst you’re ahead!
  • Make it fun. Let your child choose the game you are going to play during the 10 minutes. Use this guide for inspiration on which games are good to use in your special time.
  • Make it varied. My emails will give you several different way of targeting the same goal. SLTs are good at this!


Looking forward to working with you!!

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