You know they're not quite there with their sounds. You might even know what they are doing. If only you could ask a speech and language therapist to interpret that information and suggest where to go from here.

Now you can!

Are you concerned about your child's speech? Are you wondering if they have all the sounds they should have for their age? Are you worried that, compared to your friends' children, your child might not be very clear? How do you know if they should see a speech and language therapist?

Welcome to the Wise Old Owl Speech Assessment!

Created in the UK by a Speech and Language Therapist (and mother of two children) currently working in the NHS, the Wise Old Owl Speech Assessment has been developed especially to answer all of those questions.

This is an easy speech sound assessment which instantly looks at the data and recommends whether further assessment is needed by a speech and language therapist or whether your child's speech sounds are where they should be for their age. Your child will have so much fun swiping though all the pictures that they won't even realise they are being assessed!

When you buy the app, you are able to assess one child on three occasions, or assess three different children once.

We welcome all feedback as we are happy to update and improve the design of this assessment.

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Thank you!


-The Wise Old Owl SLT Team.