Dear Speech and Language Therapist,

Welcome to Single Word Instant Phonological Evaluation – or SWIPE for short by Wise Old Owl. We're here to help you and to save you time and effort. We've been there, we know the challenges you are currently facing and we want to make your life easier!

Why should I ditch the good old ring bound phonological assessment?

Just in case we haven't made ourselves clear, SWIPE does not replace the skilled clinical judgement of a professionally qualified Speech and Language Therapist (that's you!).

However, a fully qualified SLT with 20 years' experience has designed this as a time-saving (and therefore money saving) tool to add to your bag. And it doesn't weigh anything extra, unless you don't yet carry an iPad (in which case you're missing a trick – there are so many fantastic resources out there to be used in therapy!).

SWIPE takes the same amount of time as your traditional phonological assessment, only it also provides you with an INSTANT EVALUATION – both a colourful visual overview to share with parents AND a report summarising their speech sound system.

The report is completely editable and instantly email-able. Perfect for the shift to paperless working! This app is just the thing for triaging speech referrals and would fit neatly into a drop-in style clinic as it cuts right down on your paperwork.

So how do I persuade my manager to buy it?

Managers love to find ways to save money. It takes an average time of 10 minutes to complete the full assessment and then an extra 5-10 minutes to edit the report. 
You can even add customised conclusions in the settings so that the report reflects your own departmental policy.

And it gets better…

If you're not yet confident in transcribing as you go (and let's not forget, we've all been there!) you can record each word to listen to later.



If you're not sure you can try before you buy - the lite version of the app allows you to try before you buy. You can download it here.

A note about transcriptions

In the assessment, we've used graphemes with the phonetic transcription below. It's not that we don't know our phonetic alphabet, it's just it doesn't mean anything to parents and that's who the information is for, let's face it.

If you use phonetic transcriptions like /tʃ/ or long-winded technical jargon such as voiceless alveolar affricate in your report for parents, then stop it, you're not impressing anyone. Parents know it as 'ch' so that's why we use it in our app.

Having said that, we have chucked in a couple of useful substitutions, such as bilabial fricatives and lateral or interdental /s/. We've not included them in the EYP or parent version – they can just mark it as 'wrong.'

So go ahead, let SWIPE do the work for you allowing you more time to provide input to the children who need it most...